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Wendover, Utah

Wendover is a small town on the far west side of the Bonneville Salt Flats with a population of about 1,600.

The town was established in 1908 as a stop on the Western Pacific Railroad. It gained world attention on June 27, 1914 with the placement of the last telephone pole in the transcontinental telephone system.

The primary industry in Wendover, Utah is West Wendover in Nevada. Wendover, Nevada. West Wendover came to prominance with the legalization of gambling in Nevada as this is the closest location to Salt Lake City that allows gambling.

We actually have a small problem. While Wendover Utah has a telephone pole, West Wendover has huge casinos and a large tax base. Many people in Wendover want their town to be annexed by West Wendover which would require the changing of state borders.

The problem with changing the borders is that would cause some to build a casino on the East side of town which would then lead to the creation of a new Wendover, Utah that sprawls into the Desert and will recreate the current problem just further East.

Here is a video about building the transcontinental telephone:


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