🠈  About Tooele Color  🠊

Tooele Utah dot US is a directory and calendar by the Community Color project for Tooele County.

The goal of this project is to promote local web development and community awareness by linking to web sites from the area. The idea is basic common sense. If no-one links to local web sites, then people will never find local web sites and the web will be dominated by huge multinational companies.

In the initial phase of the project I bought web sites for select towns in the States. For example, I bought which is in Utah County to the Southeast and for Weber County to the North. I use the domain for that smoggy area East of Tooele.

Utah is split into 29 counties. I decided for the current upgrade to focus on counties. Rather than buying a domain for each county, I decided to used subdomains. The url points to Juab County to the South and points to Box Elder County to the North.

Since Tooele City and Tooele County bear the same name. I will simply wave my cyber wand and declare that the domain is not just for the town, but for the whole county!.


In my initial design I funded the site through affiliate ads. My income for affiliate ads has dropped to about 30¢ for 1000 page views. In the upgrade, I decide to give local businesses to replace the affiliate ads. I charge $25.00 for 100,000 page views (25¢) CPM. I am charging less than I get for the affiliate ads as I intend to collect the payment upfront.

You can order ads on the advertising page. The ad placement is 728x90 ad in the upper fold of the page. I am only interested in ads from Utah.

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