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H&R Block® [Category: Finance]
H&R Block® is a leader in tax preparation. You can file your taxes online or make an appointment at any of the local HR Block franchises.

Hampton Inn [Category: Lodging]
The Hilton web site includes information on the Tooele Hampton Inn and allows you to book a room at any Hilton property world wide.

HawkWatch International [Category: Info]
The Goshute Mountains and Tooele County are home to several raptor study sites. (see review for a video)

Historic Wendover Airfield [Category: Info]
Restoration project for the Wendover Airport-used for pilot training in WW II.

Holiday Inn Express [Category: Lodging]
The brand new Tooele Holiday Inn Express is located at 1531 North Main.

Home Depot [Category: Shopping]
Home Depot carries lumber and tools and home improvement supplies at 222 E 2400 North in Tooele.

HometownValues Magazine [Category: Shopping]
Hometown Values is a printed magazine by MediaOne filled with coupons targetting demographic regions in Utah.

Hunter Panels [Category: Construction]
The Hunter Panels manufacturing plant in Tooele creates insulated panels.